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Shell Shape tents

Glass wall tents

Tents Supplier and Manufacturer across Dubai and UAE

We offer all kinds of Aluminum and Steel Tents across Dubai and UAE 

Welcome to Al Khayam Al Arabiah (AKAA) Tents and Sheds LLC. is an established international Tents manufacturing company in Sharjah UAE. We are specialized in tents manufacturing, Supplying and tent Rental Solution and provide High-Quality tents products. We offers tents for sale, supply and installation of tents in Dubai, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, RAK, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah, and other Gulf Regions as well we supply our tent products in all GCC Countries. We manufacture both permanent tents structures and temporary tent structures for short and long terms.

arcum tent

Pyramid Tent

arcum tent

Arcum Tent

party tent

Party Tent

pagoda tent

Pagoda Tent

high peak tent

High Peak Tent

curve tent

Curve Tent

event tents

Event Tent

pinnacle tent

Pinnacle Tent

clear tent

Clear Tent

clear tent

Majlis tent

polygon tent

medical tents

polygon tent

Polygon Tent

wedding tent

Wedding Tent

dome tent

Dome Tent

Ramadan Tent

Ramdan Tent

labour tent

Labour Tent

storage tent

Storage Tent

multi sided tent

Multi Sided Tent

a shape tent

A-Shape Tent

We are certified tents manufacturers and suppliers in Sharjah and provide cheap tents for sale. We offer market competitive tents pricing in all over UAE and GCC Countries with all type of tent profiles and structures. We manufacture and supply all kind of tents at reasonable rates. We are active in this market since 2008. Due to a commitment to providing high-quality Tents products, Al-Khayam today is the market leader in dedicated Tents manufacturer and supplier.

Akaatent has been a very reputable manufacturer & supplier of Aluminium & Steel structure tents for years-long in UAE. Be it PVC fabric covering or canvas fabric or G.I sheet.  With our in house fabrication facility of tents in Sharjah, we could able to make almost any kind of shape and dimensions. 

Our most of our fabrics are imported from various countries like Australia, Germany, Belgium etc who are pioneers in the fabric industry to design the structures at the safest possible level. With the emerging market of UAE and GCC, the demand for temporary structures like tents also increases due to its high performance, more effectively at low cost. Some of the temporary products include Medical tentsWarehouse tents, Labour tents, Event tents, Majlis tents which is very effective in various aspects.

Before making any type of installation our installation process undergoes various types of inspection processes like on foundation, structural analysis, fabric tear resistance, abrasive resistance, wind resistance, proper color, the weight of the fabric, etc which successfully make a safe design


Tent Categories

Al Khayam offers manufacturing and supplies the extensive amount of tent products in the market and from this solid background we developed our core business to become today’s market leader in the tent manufacturing industry. AAl Khayam has a wide variety of tent for sale products including Commercial Tents for Sale, Wedding Tents For Sale, Small Party Tent for sale & Large Party Tents, Exhibition Tents for sale, Military Tents for sale, Labour tent, Ramadan Tents, Refugee Tents.

Tent Products

Arcum Tents, Medical Tents Wedding Tents, Beach Tents, Hotel and Restaurant Tents, Majlis Tents, Dome Marquee Tents, Camping Tents, Family Tents, Labour Tents, Round Tents, Canopy Tents, Polygon Tents, High Peak Tents.

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