Solar Panel Car Parking Shades

Solar Panel Car Parking Shades Manufacturers and Suppliers in UAE Dubai

AL-Khayam Al Arabiah Tents & Sheds Trd. LLC manufactures and supplies Solar Panel car parking shades in UAE Dubai. We are doing Solar Car park structures, Custom Steel Structures, or building Roofs for fixing Solar PV panels in the UAE Middle east, including Design approvals, fabrication, and installation. AL-Khayam Al Arabia Tents & Sheds Trd. LLC offers a wide variety of Solar Car parking shades that are readily designed in standard dimensions for immediate installation.

Solar Carport Structures in UAE | Flexible Solar Car parking Shades in UAE Dubai

Our Solar Carport Structures Parking Shades can be fabricated in a single cantilever or on both sides. The most common applications of these parking shades are Rooftop Car Parking Shades, walkways, garden canopy, and pool shades.
We are providing a solar car parking canopy to use solar energy most efficiently. The electricity produced by the solar panels can be supplied to other buildings and the excess electric power can be sold to the state grid to gain economic benefits.

Solar car parking shades in UAE Dubai


Benefits of Using Solar Panel Shades

  1. Save on Energy Bills: – It will be able to reduce or even eliminate your building’s electric bill.
  2. Shade your vehicles: – The solar panels, while absorbing the sun, will also prevent it from beating down on cars all day and it will save on fuel because you won’t need to have the air conditioning on full blast to return your vehicle to a comfortable temperature.
  3. Low maintenance and long-lasting: – Once a solar panel system is installed, it will require little maintenance, especially if there are no batteries being used. It can provide electricity for 25 to 40 years.

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