Serge ferrari Flexlight Classic 782 s2

FLEXLIGHT Classic 782 S2 makes up a range of products to cover a wide variety of applications, including storage buildings, event tents, and inflatable structures. These fabrics offer protection to people and goods in all weather conditions (rain, UV, heat) and comply with the leading fire classifications.

  • Time saved in transformation
  • Dimensional stability thanks to excellent weldability
  • Good transmission of natural light inside thanks to Precontraint technology


Looking for shade solutions in UAE?

Look no further than Sails Shade. Our shade products are designed to protect and shade your outdoor areas, including patios, backyards, and other outdoor spaces. Our shade sails, also known as sun sails, offer excellent protection from the sun and its harmful UV radiation. With their chic and modern designs, shade sails are a stylish alternative to traditional pergolas or covered porches. Their floating and curvaceous shapes make them an attractive addition to any property. Let Sails Shade provide you with the perfect shade solution for your outdoor space.

Feature 520 g/m2 650 g/m2 780 g/m2 AN ISO 2286-2
Weight 520 g/m2 650 g/m2 780 g/m2 N/A
Width 267 cm 250 / 267 cm 250 / 267 cm N/A
Standard Format Length 50 lm – 350 lm 50 lm – 300 lm 50 lm – 250 lm N/A
Tensile Strength 230/220 daN/5 cm 250/250 daN/5 cm 350/350 daN/5 cm EN ISO 1421
Tear Strength 20/20 daN 25/25 daN 45/40 daN DIN 53.363
Finish Varnish both sides Varnish both sides Formula S2 fluorinated varnish weldable N/A
Brand Serge Ferrari Serge Ferrari Serge Ferrari N/A
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