Heavy Duty

Ideal for Trucks/Boats/Tents

We provide customized tarpaulin for the transporters to cover and protect their cargo in their trucks plying across the UAE under different climatic conditions. The product is essentially used by those transporters who carry goods of hygroscopic nature such as cement. The company also offers PVC-coated fabrics that are tough and durable, suitable to be used by the Army under extreme climatic conditions.

Akaa tent also offers a range of lightweight high abrasion-resistant tarpaulins under the brand name al Khayyam al Arabia offering multiple benefits over the regular cotton tarpaulins. It works exceptionally well against all adverse weather conditions.


  • 100% waterproof
  • Repairable by heat sealing
  • Specialized fabrication with rust-free eyelets.
  • Customized fabrication to suit your needs.

PU Tarpaulin for Trucks

PU Tarpaulin for Boat Covers

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