Pyramid Tent

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Whether you are thinking of getting fair tents, PYRAMID TENT, or any other kind of tent products, shades, or pergolas, you can definitely rely on us on getting you the finest outdoor solutions rental at the best prices in Dubai, UAE.

Available standard sizes

Span widthEave heightRidge HeightBay distanceMain profile
10m3.88m5.53m5m204x110x4mm (4 - channel)
12m3.88m5.83m5m204x110x4mm (4 - channel)
15m3.88m6.3m5m204x110x4mm (4 - channel)
20m3.88m7.1m5m204x110x4mm (4 - channel)
21m3.88m7.25m5m204x110x4mm (4 - channel)
25m3.88m7.88m5m204x110x4mm (4 - channel)

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