New design pergola car parking shed Dubai

Best Quality Metal Single Flat Roof Aluminum Alloy, Fixed Pergola Carport Patio Cover Car Parking Awning Carports

Aluminium carport allows you to pick and choose the perfect size to suit your garden, a high-quality design that can make your garden into a well-sheltered modern feature.



Feature of pergola car parking shade

A pergola car parking shade is a type of outdoor structure that provides shade and shelter for a parked car. It typically consists of a series of posts or columns that support a roof made of open beams or slats. The roof is designed to provide partial shade while still allowing some sunlight to filter through.

The primary purpose of a pergola car parking shade is to protect a vehicle from the elements, such as rain, snow, and sun. Providing a shaded area for the car to park in, can help keep the interior of the car cooler, which can help prevent damage from prolonged exposure to UV rays.

Pergola car parking shades come in a variety of styles and materials, including wood, metal, and vinyl. They can be freestanding or attached to a building or wall. Some pergolas may also include additional features such as built-in lighting, fans, or retractable shades to provide even more protection and comfort.

Overall, a pergola car parking shade is a practical and stylish addition to any outdoor space, providing both shade and shelter for a parked car while also enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the surrounding area.

Roof Material
10 years Good Life Polycarbonate sheet
Frame Material
Aluminium Alloy 6063-T5
Standard Size
5.5m Length x 3m Width x 3m Height
Frame color
Purple/White/Grey/Electrophoresis Champagne
Roof color
Clear/Blue/Light Grey/Dark Grey
Surface treatment
Powder Coated
Temperature Reduce
Protect car from direct sunlight, and cut off harmful UV rays to avoid car damages
Polycarbonate Sheet, Post, Main Frame, Gutter, Base Cover Of Gutter, Rubber Gasket, Screws, Elbow Pipe etc
Wind Load(m/s)
Snow Load(Cm)
Test Report
Environmental Protecting / Fireproof / Physical Test Report
Delivery Time
15 Working Days


The profiles are made of aluminum alloy material, it is corrosion-resistant and highly rust-resistant. And polycarbonated roofs are made for a good life and can use for more than 10 years.
UV Resistance
There is Co-extrusion UV on the surface which can effectively block more the 98% of UV rays.

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