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Caring for your horses in the summer while there’s not much better than riding on a beautiful summer day in UAE, too much heat can be dangerous for horses. Caring for horses in warmer weather requires paying extra attention to their needs to prevent serious health and performance issues. Read on to find out how to keep your animals hydrated, healthy, and happy all season long.


Horses release heat through sweat just like us. However, their bodies are much more effective at keeping themselves warm than cooling themselves down. Whether racing or galloping through fields, these animals can have difficulty cooling off when exerting high energy for prolonged periods of time, especially on a hot or humid day. Significant heat stress can potentially be fatal for many horses if not monitored. Here are a few warning signs of an overheated horse to watch out for:

Heightened body temperature.

Reduction in skin elasticity.

Sunken eye sockets.
Reddened gums.
Prolonged rapid breathing.

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Akaatent paddock shades are ideal for those within the equine business. We’ve had customers utilize the flexibility of our buildings for his or her placental mammal wants and deemed them worthy because of the excellent structure for horses. With no interior columns, you’ll have the house you would like for riding, boarding, and accommodation. If you’re a part of the equine business and are having problems with building layout, construction, and convenience, then akaatent is here to assist.

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Manufactured using only the highest quality materials, Monotec is engineered to outlast the rest. Perfect for virtually any space where longevity in UV protection is required, Monotec offers up to a 88.4% shade factor.

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