Best Cantilever Garden Umbrellas In Dubai

We a range of Cantilever umbrellas and hanging umbrellas in Dubai.

Here are a few factors to consider:

  1. Size: Consider the size of the area you need to shade and how many people you need to accommodate.
  2. Wind resistance: If you live in a windy area, you’ll need an umbrella that is wind-resistant. Look for an umbrella with a sturdy base and a vented canopy.
  3. Features: Some umbrellas have additional features, such as tilt and crank mechanisms, LED lights, and heating elements.

We Have The Best Cantilever Umbrella Range In Dubai, UAE

Cantilever garden umbrellas are also known as side-post umbrellas because the umbrella pole/mast is to the side of the umbrella canopy, not in the middle. This allows you to utilize the shade of the entire canopy. Our cantilever beach umbrellas also feature side-to-side rotation and angled tilt, allowing you to move the umbrella with the sun throughout the day.


AKAA tents and sheds LLC offers multiple options including the Sunflex back-tilting cantilever garden umbrella and the Sombrano S+ with its side-tilting feature. 360 rotation comes as standard.

  1. Beach umbrella
  2. garden umbrella dubai
  3. Aura Umbrella
  4. Astro Titanium
  5. Galileo Maxi Umbrella
  6. Sombrano S+ Umbrella
  7. Fortano Cantilever Umbrella
  8. Varioflex Umbrella
  9. Sunflex umbrella
  10. Sunflex Umbrella
  11. Rio Umbrella
  12. Doppio Umbrella
  13. Singolo Umbrella
  14. Ambiente Nova Umbrella
  15. Sirius Umbrella
  16. Rodi umbrella
  17. Capri Umbrella
  18. Flexy Umbrella


Beach Umbrella Shades are available in different sizes and these shades are installed according to the place and requirements. Typically, sizes range from 5.5 ft to 11 ft

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