A pagoda gazebo tent different from the usual: easy transport, small packing size, quick set-up and no lose parts. These are the characteristics which distinguish our pagoda gazebos from conventional ones.
An average-sized pagoda tent can perfectly fit into any venue and provide high value and usage. In addition, the openness and airiness of such a tent are very appealing to clients from multiple industries.

Frame Specifications

  • Span Width: 3.oom/4.00m/5.00m
  • Eave Height: 2.5m
  • Ridge Height: 4.40m/5.00m/5.30m
  • Roof Pitch: 20
  • Bay spacing: 3, 00m,'4.oom/5.00m
  • Longest Component: 3.00m/4.00m/5.00m
  • wind loading: 80km/h

Some other options

Mini Pagoda

Mini Pagoda


Pinnacle Tent

Gazebo Tent

Mini Pagoda

Folding Tent


Pagoda tent ( 8m-10m )

Mini Pagoda

Frame Material

  • Frame work Material: Hard pressed extruded aluminium F27 (6005. 6061/T6)
  • Main Profile: 62x46x2mm, 85x48x3mm
  • Eave connection: Hot-dip galvanized steel insert.
  • High-peak: Wire rope Stand

Cover Material

  • White color, PVC coated
  • Waterproof, anti-UV, flame retardant according to DIN 4201 , Bl/M2,NFPA701
  • Weight of roof cover: 800-950g/square meter (opaque PVC)
  • Weight of side wall cover 650gfsquare meter (translucent PVC)

Optional Accessories

  • PVC Window Side walls,
  • Lining & Curtain, Glass Door units, Glass Wall System,
  • ABS Solid wall system, Transparent PC Solid Wall, Transparent PVC Cover
  • and Side Wall Cover, Floor System, Lighting, Weight Plate, Anch0r and etc.
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