Multi-Sided Tent


Multi-sided tent round tent series has a unique diamond roof and high peak roof designs. Clear span width has a wide range from 6m – 35m, Full line accessories are compatible for this series. Multi-side units are able to be joint with the regular A shape units, high peak unit to form a mixed tent. Widely used as the hotel tent, restaurant, canteen, VIP lounge, wedding, party, event and so on.

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Optional accessories

  1. PVC window sidewalls
  2. Anchoring
  3. Rain Gutter
  4. Lining and curtain
  5. Glass door units
  6. Hard walling system
  7. Glass walling system
  8. Transparent PVC cover and sidewall
  9. Flooring system
  10. Weight plate





Multi-sided tents, often called polygonal or geodesic tents, are tents that are unique in having more sides than the four sides usually found in rectangular or square tents. These tents are available in all shapes and sizes and have many benefits and uses.


Available Sizes 5 metres to 50 metres
Main Profiles Available sizes 122x68x3mm
Material Hard pressed extruded Aluminim alloy T6061/T6
Features Steeless
Cover Denstity 850g/sqm- block-out white PVC for roof
650g/sqm translucent white PVC for walls
Material PVC coated polyester fabric
Features water proof, UV resistance, fire retardant(DIN4102,B1,M2)
Components Superior enclosure with hot dip galvanized steel
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