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Pergola Shades

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AKAA Tents and Sheds LLC manufacturers and suppliers outdoor, garden pergolas car parking shades in UAE Dubai, and other Gulf Regions like Oman, and Saudi Arabia. The best way to enjoy outdoor weather is to put a retractable pergola shade or fixed pergola canopy in your garden or somewhere nearby out of your door in any weather condition. Either you want to enjoy your summer season outdoors or winter’s shiny sun with cold air, a pergola shade canopy help you in both weather condition to make your outdoor seating area enjoyable.

Our Pergola Shades structure bears a load of 140 Km/hr wind speed.

Al Khayam Al Arabiah Tents & Sheds LLC provides both waterproof pergolas and non-waterproof pergola shades in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and all other states UAE. Al Khayam provides supply and installation of retractable pergola canopy and fixed pergolas

We offer a variety of custom shade solutions for your Pergola – from retractable options to privacy side panels, all available in a wide range of colours.


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Pergola Shade Applications

Pergola Shades are used for multiple purposes at the outside of the home, in the garden or in parks. These shades come with different size, shape, and types, you can customize as per your needs and place where you want to put these shades. To put Pergola Canopy in your outdoor area you have to decide, what will be its purpose?  Either you want pergola parking shade area or seating area at the garden or out of your doorstep. You can put pergola for

For Residential Sector

For Swimming Pool Area

For Commercial Sectors

For Garden Area 

For Car Parking

For Patio Backyards

Pergola Material

Pergola structure is very much durable and long-lasting compare to other shades like sail shades and other outdoor shades. Pergola comes with complete roof covering (hard material or fabric will put on the roof), retractable roofing (you can open and close), louver design, and flat roofing shape. Pergola Canopy comes with different structure materials like:

Types of Pergola Shade

Pergola canopy comes with different shapes and styles. There is various type of pergola structure shades that you can put at your home front for the purposes as mention above. Pergola types are:

Flat Roof Pergola Designs 2023



Our classic model Flat roof pergolas are available with different shading material. Our luxury flat roof pergola shades are free-stand and can be attached with walls or on posts. These pergola shade structures are build by Powder-coated Aluminum, Powder Coated Steel and Wood. We use both fabrics and Hard material for these shades as mention above.

Flat Roof Pergola’s Applications: Pergola Car Parking Areas, Swimming Pool Pergola shade, House Front, Garden Area’s, Park Areas, Hotel, Outside the Cafe and Restaurant.

Customized sizes and designs will be provided on Demand. For free consultancy feel free to contact.


Retractable Roof Pergola  Shades



Attractive and modern design retractable pergola shades are quite helpful for all weather conditions in UAE. These pergola canopy’s comes with both opening and closing options either you want to enjoy open sky weather or close one retractable pergola will help you in both conditions.

Structure of these pergolas is very durable and strong. These shades are designed and made by Aluminum or powder coated steel or wood. By putting some colorful retractable fabric on pergola roof will increase the looks of your outdoor house. For retractable roof pergolas we use both waterproof and non-waterproof fabrics like PVC, HDPE, Canvas, PTFE etc.

Retractable Roof Pergola’s Applications: Home Front Areas, Garden Area’s, Swimming pool retractable roof pergola shades, Park Areas, Bus Stands, Hotel, Outside the Cafe and Restaurant.

Customized design will be provided as per your requirements. For any assistance feel free to ask.

Louver design pergola structure



Latest design louver design pergola shade structures are very strong and durable that are built by metal material like Aluminum and Powder coated steel. These shades are little expensive but have more life than other pergola canopies. Our Luxury design louver shades are free standing with posts or can be hang with walls.

We provide all kind of louver design pergola shades like Wooden louvered pergola canopy, Aluminum Louvered Pergolas and Steel Louvered pergola shades.

Application of louver pergola shade: Car parking louvered pergola shades, outdoor home front pergola shade, louver garden pergola shade etc.

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