Aluminum structure a shape double decker tent supplier UAE

We supply Double Decker Tent is two stories clear span structure all over the UAE. It is a revolutionary breakthrough of the regular tent, which allows 100% usage of the ground. At the same time enables the division of multi-function easily of the interior space. From the upper level of the structure, a wide view is provided. It is a good choice for a VIP lounge, movable office, luxury events, and so on.

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Frame 4 channels, Hard pressed extruded aluminium alloy 6061/T6,Surface Anodized Finish,Anti rust
Wind Resistance 80~100km/h
Fixing Solution Ground anchor, expandable bolt, weight plate, etc.
Service Life More than 15 years
Applicable temperature range -30 degree Celsius ~ +70 degree Celsius
Side Wall White color, PVC-coated Polyester, Translucent, waterproof, 650g/m². Flame retardant
PVC walls, glass wall,ABS wall,etc.
Ground Situation Grassland,earth land,asphalt,cement ground,marble,etc
Roof Cover White color, PVC-coated Polyester, Opaque, water proof, 850g/m².Flame retardant
Connectors Hot-dip galvanized twin plate; expansion bolts to fix tent
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