Aluminum structure a shape double decker tent supplier UAE

We supply Double Decker Tent shed that is two stories clear-span structure all over the UAE. It is a revolutionary breakthrough of the regular tent, which allows 100% usage of the ground. At the same time enables the division of multi-function easily of the interior space. From the upper level of the structure, a wide view is provided. It is a good choice for a VIP lounge, movable office, luxury events, and so on.

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Double Decker Tent sheds offer several benefits over traditional single-story tent sheds, including:

  1. Increased storage space: The double-decker design provides double the amount of storage space compared to a single-story tent shed. This means you can store more equipment, tools, and other items in the same amount of floor space.
  2. Better organization: The extra height of a double-decker tent shed allows you to create separate storage areas on each level. You can keep frequently used items on the ground floor, while less frequently used items can be stored on the upper level.
  3. Versatility: A double-decker tent shed can be used for a variety of purposes, including storage, as a workspace, or as a shelter for animals or vehicles.
  4. Cost-effective: Double Decker tent sheds are often more cost-effective than building a traditional two-story structure, while still providing the added storage space and flexibility of a two-story design.
  5. Easy to assemble and disassemble: Most Double Decker Tent sheds are designed for easy assembly and disassembly, which means you can easily move or relocate the shed as needed.

Overall, a Double Decker Tent shed is an excellent investment for anyone looking for a cost-effective and versatile storage solution.

Frame 4 channels, Hard pressed extruded aluminium alloy 6061/T6, Surface Anodized Finish,Anti-rust
Wind Resistance 80~100km/h
Fixing Solution Ground anchor, expandable bolt, weight plate, etc.
Service Life More than 15 years
Applicable temperature range -30 degree Celsius ~ +70 degrees Celsius
Side Wall White color, PVC-coated Polyester, Translucent, waterproof, 650g/m². Flame retardant
PVC walls, glass walls, ABS walls, etc.
Ground Situation Grassland, earth land, asphalt,cement ground, marble,etc
Roof Cover White color, PVC-coated Polyester, Opaque, waterproof, 850g/m².Flame retardant
Connectors Hot-dip galvanized twin plate; expansion bolts to fix a tent
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