Majlis Tents

Majlis Tent Manufacturers and Suppliers in UAE Dubai

AL-Khayam Al Arabiah Tents & Sheds Trd. LLC specialized manufacturers and suppliers of Majlis tents shade in UAE Dubai. Majlis tent has the ability to join its modern and advanced components with its traditional and cultural characteristics. The uses of this tent can be as an extension area for a private house or for different gatherings. Majlis tent is fully customized from beginning to end to match the customer’s needs.



Our Majlis Tent shade fabric is created to highlight the elegance and comfort of your events. The room is well lit and allows for a lot of space for your guests to mingle about. It is made from durable materials that offer good shade. It will keep you and other patrons safe from the sun and rain in case of a rain spell thus making the event a success. Our tent also has the added feature of being able to be customized to your own requests and be exactly what you want your venue to be.

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