What is the benefit of a car parking shed?

Car parking shade is not a luxury but it is a necessity for everyone whether you are a house owner or a shopping mall owner or an organization. Consumers often prefer to quit a shopping center if it is not having a proper car parking shade and house owners often find it difficult to park the car by the roadside. There can be various benefits of constructing a car parking shade for which you need to hire the services of a good Car Parking shade in Dubai.

Car parking shades can protect the cars against the weather:

The car parking areas that are covered with shade can protect the cars against solar radiation, ultraviolet rays, hail, rain wind, and dust. It can be very effective to protect against insects and birds and it can slow down the deterioration of cars lying on Open Street. Thus a car parking shed can be very effective to reduce the maintenance cost of a car.

Here are the top 15 car parking shed structure with latest designs 2023 .

  1. Cantilever Parking Shed
  2. Pyramid Arch Parking Shed
  3. Single Pole Car Parking Shed
  4. Arch Parking Shed
  5. Grp Parking Shed
  6. Conical Double Pole Parking Shed
  7. Top Support Parking Shed
  8. K Span Parking Shed
  9. Sail Type Parking Shed
  10. Bottom Support Parking Shed
  11. Pyramid Top Support
  12. Solar Parking Shed
  13. Cone Single Pole
  14. Wave Design Parking
  15. Corrugated Parking
  1. Cantilever Parking shed

The cantilever design is the contemporary design of the car parking shade structure. It is generally used in places where height is limited, the owner wants a simple effect or the cantilever length is relatively small. Especially suitable for places where height is limited! Such as residential areas, private villas, etc. The car parking shed can be creating a matching look and colors combined with the local landscape. In addition, the construction period will be very short. The structure is simple and beautiful because of the high-quality PVDF membrane.

cantilever parking shed design

Cantilever Parking Shed Design


  1. Pyramid Arch Parking Shed

Pyramid Design Car Parking Fabric Roof considered the architecture of the new generation, offers the best solution for your car parking tensile construction shades that helps to maintain the life of your car by protecting it from hot sun UV Rays. Pyramid car parking shade is manufactured by the world’s most superior fabrics like PVDF, PTFE, and ETFE, these fabrics are Flame Radiant, Tear Resistant, UV Resistant, Snow Resistant, Wind Resistant, and help you to prevent any damage like cars windscreen breaking, protect electronics in the car, reduce the heat inside the car, protect cars dashboard from cracking and maintain the gloss and shine of your car.

pyramid arch parking shed design

Pyramid Arch Parking Shed Design


  1. Single Pole Car Parking Shed

Akaa tent manufacturer and Supplier of Single Pole Car Parking shades in UAE.  We develop These Car Parking Shades by t PVC Fabrics, PTFE Fabrics, HDPE Fabrics and these fabrics.

We manufacture Single Pole DOUBLE LAYER DESIGN Car Parking Shade.

Available in Different Sizes and steel materials according to the requirements and parking shade Design.

Standard Sizes for Single Pole:

  • 0m x 3.0m (Good for 1 Car)
  • 0m x 6.0m (Good for 2 Car)
  • 5m Open Height (Height can be modified on Request Fabric
single pole car parking shed design

Single Pole Car Parking Shed Design


  1. Arch Parking Shed

Arch Design car shed roofing is a modern design in parking lot shades. This parking canvas shade structure design will blend into architectural structures and constructions. The arched parking shade is the ideal parking shade for residential constructions and commercial construction.

Arch Design Parking canvas-covered buildings offer you maximum shade, providing you with minimal physical barrier parking and the best alternative to blocking the sun’s devastating UV rays. Our arched outdoor parking sail covers are built to commercial standards, meaning they are heavy and durable.

Arch Parking Shed Design

Arch Parking Shed Design


  1. Grp Parking Shed

GRP parking sheds are most commonly used in Industrial Sector / Plants to protect equipment from UV/ SUN rays. Car Parking shades are widely used in the commercial sector and construction sector for protecting CARS from SUNRAYS. We do various shapes and sizes of sunshades as per client or site requirements.

Salient features:

  • Size & Shape – As per Client Choice
  • Strong, Durable – Long Lasting
  • 10 years official warranty
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Suitable for UAE Weather conditions
grp parking shed design

GRP Parking Shed Design


  1. Conical Double Pole Parking Shed

These shades are some of the most attractive and beautiful in UAE’s Car Parking Shades Industry. These shades are manufactured by highly skilled engineers and men using world-class fabric. They protect cars effectively and perfectly. Conical parking shades offer an architectural solution for lightweight structures.

conical double pole parking shed design

Conical Double Pole Parking Shed Design


  1. Top Support Parking Shed

Top Support Cantilevers provide shade over areas that require unobstructed spaces such as walkways, bus stops, automotive parking, and more. Akaa tent is a leading supplier and installer of quality and cost-effective top support cantilever car parking shades whether single-side or double-side required.

top support Parking shed

Top Support Parking Shed


  1. K Span Parking Shed

The K Span carport is constructed with high-performance fabrics like PVC, PTFE, and HDPE, which provide optimal protection from UV Rays, dust, and rain. These fabrics are flame-radiant, tear-resistant, UV Resistant, and Wind Resistant. The materials also provide the arch design car parking shade with a dimensional visual and thermal comfort.

k span parking shed

K Span Parking Shed


  1. Sail Type Parking Shed

Our Special fabric for sail shades allows air circulation making the shade area cooler and providing maximum sun protection from harmful UV Rays. Shade structure helps you in both the sun and rain environment. Shade canopy tent help to increase the life of your car by blocking the burning sun rays as well as rain and it is made up of world high-class fabrics like PVC, PTFE, and HDPE which are highly Flame Radiant, Tear Resistant, UV Resistant, Snow Resistant, and Wind Resistant.

sail type parking shed

Sail Type Parking Shed


  1. Bottom Support Parking Shed

Bottom Support Car Parking Shades are manufactured with the highest-level fabric like PVC, PTFE, and HDPE which are very strong against UV Rays and block the rays and protect the vehicle. Advantages of Bottom Support Shades.

bottom support parking shed

Bottom Support Parking Shade Design



  1. Pyramid Top Support

The strong and durable structure of pyramid-type car park shade makes them a popular choice for architects and homeowners alike. These shades can be designed for a single car or to shelter many cars in a large parking area. Pyramid-type car park shades are engineered to bring more protection against UV rays and wind load due to the use of high-performance fabrics like PVC Fabrics, PTFE Fabrics, and HDPE Fabrics.

This cantilever car park shade is an attractive yet convenient outdoor shade that provides your car with maximum weather protection while also maintaining its glossy appearance.

pyramid top support parking

Pyramid Top Support Parking Design


  1. Solar Parking Shed

Solar panel car parking sheds are popular in the US and Europe. In UAE, the concept is still at a growing stage. The solar panel parking sheds are like the regular sheds, with the only difference being that the roofs of these sheds have solar panels.

Benefits of solar panel parking sheds

When you park your car outside on a bright, sunny day for a few hours, the inside of the vehicle becomes hot. When you start your car again, you may want to keep the air conditioner running at full speed. However, when you park your car under the solar panel parking shed, the panels absorb all the sun’s heat and help keep your car’s interiors pleasant.

solar parking shed design

Solar Car Parking Design


  1. Cone Single Pole

Cone Single Pole Double Layer Car Parking Shades These shades can be used to protect your car from the sun’s UV rays. The Single Poled Double shade is great for commercial and residential use. It can also be used anywhere you need it. Double Design Car Parking Shades are well-designed and made of high-quality fabrics such as PVS, HDPE, PTFE, and PPFE. They are flame-resistant, tear-resistant, visual comfort, and UV Resistant.

cone single pole parking

Cone Single Pole Parking Design


  1. Wave Design Parking

Wave design car parking Type shade sail carports are the fastest and most flexible solution for parking. This parking sunshade structure is the most advanced, modern, and attractive parking shade on the parking canopies list. These shades are the best choice for large commercial areas, festivals, residential areas, playground areas, etc.

wave design parking

Wave Design Parking Design


  1. Corrugated Parking

Cantilever parking shade structures are the most widely used parking shades all around the world. Due to their durability, strength, and low price Cantilever (Canti) Shades are very popular and most demanding car shades in UAE, and most people prefer these shades instead of other shades. Cantilever shade structures can be installed for a single car as well can be installed for a lot of cars in a series.

corrugated parking

Corrugated Parking Design

Advantages of car parking shed:
  1. Protect you from Burning Sun Rays and rain.
  2. Maintain the gloss and shine of the vehicle.
  3. Protect Wind Screen from Crack.
  4. Reduce cracking of windscreen.
  5. Make your electronics Keep Safe.
  6. Reduce Heat in the Car
  7. Increase Beauty of Your Home.


We have tried to put a brief description of the 15 types of car parking shades above. Hope these are beneficial for you. We are also a car parking shades supplier in Dubai, Sharjah, al Khaimah even all over the UAE (United Arab Emirates). If you need any type of help or service, you can call us without any hesitation on this number +97165656385. You can find us at your door every time.

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