The Importance of PTFE/Teflon in Modern Tensile Shade Structures

Today, In this article you will learn the importance of PTFE or Teflon in Modern Tensile Shades structures

Know What is PTFE and Teflon? What is the difference?

Polytetrafluoroethylene abbreviated as PTFE is a synthetic polymer (a type of plastic) consisting of two elements i.e. carbon and fluorine while Teflon became popular as PTFE after it is a trademark by chemours in the year 1945 that why it became a popular name for PTFE around the globe.

PTFE Car Parking Shades UAE

Why PTFE fabric?

Simply because it has got almost all the characteristics below to withstand nearly any type of climatic condition with ease

  • Very high melting point: With a melting point of around 327°C it has become obvious to opt for PTFE to highly decrease the chance of preventing the flame hazards instead of all fabric out there in the market which does not exhibit such all properties
  • Hydrophobic: It’s resistance to water means it never gets wet, making it useful in cooking, wound dressings and more.
  • Chemically inert: The majority of solvents and chemicals will not damage PTFE.
  • Low coefficient of friction: The coefficient of friction of PTFE is one of the lowest of any solid in existence, meaning nothing will stick to it.
  • High flexural strength: Its ability to bend and flex, even at low temperatures, means it can be easily applied to a variety of surfaces without losing its integrity and the list continues
  • High Lifespan: Anticipated lifespan up to 25-30 years
  • Corrosive Resistance
  • Ultimate Tensile strength: 500,000 psi
  • Modulus of Elasticity: 10.5 x 10^6 psi compared to steel 29 x 10^6

The advanced design in Making of PTFE

The most popular giants in making high-quality PTFE are Germany Verseidag and French Serge Ferrari

They coat the fabric while keeping warp and weft threads in tension knows as a precontraint method which results in even stretch characteristics in both threads directions than a conventional coated fabric.

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