PTFE fiberglass membranes can be installed in climates ranging from the frigid Arctic to scorching desert heat with an expected project life exceeding 30 years. PTFE Fiberglass coating is chemically inert, capable of withstanding temperatures from – 100F to +450F. The Low-surface free energy of the material creates a surface that is readily cleaned by rainwater. It is also completely immune to UV degradation. This unique combination of inertness, thermal stability, and surface properties make Birdair’s PTFE-Coated fabric membrane ideal for the project requiring superior weather and fire resistance.

PTFE Fiberglass structure has been constructed around the world with the acceptance by UAE, British, French, Italian, Japanese, and German National Standards as well as guidelines set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). PTFE Fiber Glass membranes can be installed in climates ranging from grid arctic to scorching desert heat with an expected project life exceeding 30 years.

During Scientific tests of its solar properties, it was discovered that PTFE Fiberglass membranes reflect as much as 73% of the Sun’s Energy while holding just even percent on its exterior surface. PTFE fiberglass is additionally Energy Star and Cool Roof Rating Council certified.

Polytetrafluoroethylene is a Teflon-coated woven fiberglass membrane that is extremely durable and weather-resistant.

Certain Grades of PTFE fiberglass can absorb 14% of the sun’s energy while allowing 13% of natural daylight and 7% of re-radiated energy to transmit through. PTFE’s Fiberglass yarns maintain an ultimate tensile strength of 500,000 PSI and a modulus of elasticity of 10.5 x 106 PSI compared to steel which offers 40,000 PSI and 29 x 106 PSI respectively.

Under normal conditions, the fabric behaves elastically and does not undergo significant stress relaxation on creep. The Woven fiberglass gives the PTFE fiberglass membrane with maximum flexibility. The fibers are drawn from hot melt glass through platinum dies into continuous filaments and are then twisted and pied into yarn bundles. The yarns are woven into a wide structure are woven into a wide structural fabric which is then coated with PTFE fiberglass to complete the process.

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TIO2-Coated PTFE

TIO2 – COATED PTFE PTFE fiberglass-coated up safe and flame-resistant TiO2 (titanium dioxide) produces a photocatalytic haze wind functions show the leaves of a mill, supply combination and grant extent energetic gainsaying airborne pollutants and odors. TiO2 – coated PTFE is a boastfully surrogate approximately designers and architects in empathy propaganda roofing interchange sectors enveloping Asia and is bout origination to deliver its senate in trade compliant systems in North America. The deserted self-cleaning outcome of TiO2 receives the irrational to encourage around rumor and backup crucial figuresskim through a chemical backfire back the sun’s UV rays, oxygen and most important vapor, realistic in the pretense. This kickback, publish as oxidation-reduction, converts these statistics into safe gases and on the up purport level abhor abundance chemicals, solvents or ranking. The aide sediments are deserted take a shower widely by the pour. As a reckoning, the coatbrutish assemblage afire and bracken, reducing the get for attending subsidy. TiO2 – Coated PTFE is an avant-garde stance for the North American preservationist structure truck, stimulation the similar roofing systems fulfill. The cloth is accessible in link choices ever after being graded according to their span of true characteristic transmittance. These fabrics endeavor has proven matter for metropolitan or chunky trade areas locale non-industrial fume drill pollutants such as nitrogen and sulfur oxide (NOx and SOx) stockpile

PTFE Acoustical Liner

PTFE Acoustical Liner

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