CNC Vertical Lines Pattern Parking Shades

One of the latest patterns in our car parking shades model which we have recently designed is CNC vertical patterns. This Simple straight longitudinal lines with a precise gap between them show simplicity and luxury in it. And when it if fixed just above the poles

This pattern which looks closely looks simple and robust and the best part is when it is fixed on the poles of car parking shades the pattern gives life to the shades.

As our all models and pattern are made in line with the customer-centric approach, the CNC design is one of them

Suppose you are a nice villa and you want to make car parking shades which should be unique, strong and economical. Then this is for you

We as a car parking shades specialist always want to give something brilliant and best models to our consumers which will be in line with the customer desires that’s why we have added this mashrabiya patterns which a part of Arab architecture and prevalent in historical monuments

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