Car Parking Shed

We have all seen the damage that the sun can inflict on our beloved cars. And we all know what it’s like to climb into a car on a sunny day and not be able to grip the steering wheel without being burnt!

From sails to cantilevered framed structures, Shade form can design, manufacture and install to suit your individual application. With a wide range of shade cloth and waterproof fabrics, you can provide a canopy that not only protects your prized car from the sun but also acts as a stylish feature that enhances the outdoor area. With optional gutters and downpipes, Shade form has the expertise to install your car shading project with a wide range of solutions.

Car Parking shade material UAE

Akaa Tent Providing cost-effective car parking shed and UV protection for a variety of external applications, Carparks are perfect for

  • Homes
  • Businesses
  • Shopping Centres
  • Council Chambers
  • Government Building
  • Sport Centres
  • schools

Akaa tent is the best Car Parking Shades Suppliers in Dubai, and All cities in the UAE, including Sharjah, Al Ain, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, Umm Al Quwain, and Abu Dhabi.

Here is some top car shade structure please check the below list.

  1. Arch Parking Shades

The arch car parking shades consist of supporting structures such as beams and columns on one end and a free end on the other side, this enables these car parking shades to maximize visual comfort and minimize any physical hindrance, adding to the safety while parking cars.

  1. Umbrella Car Parking Shades

The umbrella car parking shades come with maximum visual comfort, these shades usually consist of a single supporting structure such as a beam or a column that is fixed to the ground, this results in minimum physical obstruction with three ends open to park the cars easily and safely.

  1. Pyramid Parking Shades

Pyramid Car Parking Shades are known for their structural outlook and practicality. These Car Parking Shades make up for one of the most modern-looking car parking shades that fit all kinds of settings.

  1. Wave Car Parking shades

These shades are made from the highest quality fabrics such as PTFE Fabric, HDPE Fabric, and PVC Fabric. They are strong against the sun’s UV Rays and can help increase the car’s life expectancy. These parking shades provide protection for your car from any damage.

  1. Cantilever Parking shade

Cantilever Parking shade structures are used for large parking areas such as airport car parking, hotel parking, and car dealership areas. You can find parking shades in a variety of fabrics and colors that provide greater protection and enhance the beauty of your environment.

  1. Arch Parking Shade

Arch parking shades are ideal for modern commercial and residential applications where minimal physical obstruction is required. The arch cantilever parking shade will blend in any building style, whilst bringing maximum shade to your parking lots.

  1. Top support Parking

Top Support Cantilevers provide shade over areas that require unobstructed spaces such as walkways, bus stops, automotive parking, and more.

  1. Bottom Support

The latest concept in car park blinds is the car park shade underneath the vehicle park. The underlying support shades protect automobiles against UV rays, which can cause dashboard breaks and windshield damage. The shades of the bottom support are extremely wind resistant. This product is of considerable relevance because of the heat of the sparkling Sun, particularly in the UAE. It protects the body of the automobile and lowers the heat. All difficulties are solved by the shadow on the bottom of the automobile for parking assistance.

  1. Cone Single Pole

Double-design single-pole parking shades The newest and most beautiful colors of these vehicle parks. They increase the look and beautifulness of your property. These shades give optimum shade and sun, wind, and storm protection.

  1. Pyramid Arch

PYRAMID DESIGN SHADES PARKING Pre-engineered shadow structures are available according to your specifications for installation. These shade structures are practical and good answers to various problems of the environment and of the esthetics. Arch shades and pyramid designs provide numerous possibilities. The typical dimensions of the car are 6.0mx3.0m (1 truck), 6.0mx6.0m, and an open-top of 2.5m. Open-top. The shade size and height may be adjusted according to your needs.

  1. GRP Parking Shade

GRP of Islamic Arch Design Car Park Shades is a unique car park shade design. Glass-reinforced plastic parking blinds form the optimum shade structure for parking.

  1. K Span Parking Shades

Parking shades that provide your car parks or parking areas maximum shade with minimum blockage. It is the greatest way to prevent dangerous UV radiation. The blinds may be used both for home and business applications. They’re long-lasting and durable. The ideal solution for the UAE weather is K-Span vehicle parking blinds. You will improve your life span and keep your car bright.

  1. Sail Type

Shade sails are a type of canopy, usually in the shape of a rectangle or triangle. They use a flexible fabric tensioned across anchor points (support poles and/or existing structures like a building, house, or roof). They get their name from their resemblance to a ship’s sail. They can also be called shade structures or hip structures.

  1. Solar Parking Shades

We are specialized in the structure of the Solar Car Park, custom steel constructions, and the construction of Solar PV panel roofs. This covers design, manufacturing, and installation approvals and provides a wide selection of basic Solar Car Placement Shades that be put instantly and are available in standard sizes.

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