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During the holy month of Ramadan, many individuals and organizations in the country erect Ramadan tents for social gathering and for Iftar parties. People set up these tents in open spaces as well as in the entrance of their houses to receive guests and offer them Ramadan meals, also conduct religious and social activities during the holy month.

Ramadan tent for sale dubai UAE

Al Khayam Al Arabiah (AKAA) Tents and Sheds LLC has many types of tents with various size, designs and shapes also you can select or customize interiors, lightings and furnitures of your choice to make your function or event a unique and memorable one.

Our pride itself as one of the leading Ramadan tent manufacturing company based at Sharjah, UAE, specialized in the design, manufacturing, supply and installation of Custom-made Traditional Tents, Arabic Tents, Ramadan Tents, Aluminum Tents, Event Tents, Military Tents, Warehouse Tents and all kinds of Fabric Shade Structures. We offer a wide range of structures to choose from with guaranteed quality and comfort for all your needs.

Our Ramadan tent gives an authentic Arabic iftar experience and comes with all required accessories & interiors and our tents are highly strong and lightweight, easy to install and can be easily shaped, welded and joined in a variety of stylish tents architectures. Our products have a good reputation in the Middle East market and trying best to expand our business to every corner of the world.


A Ramadan tent in Dubai is a temporary structure set up during the holy month of Ramadan where individuals and families gather to break their fast at iftar time. These tents offer a comfortable and communal setting for people to come together and enjoy traditional Ramadan meals.
Ramadan tents in Dubai can be found in various locations including hotels, mosques, community centers, and sometimes even in public areas. They are often strategically placed to accommodate residents and visitors throughout the city.

Ramadan tents in Dubai typically provide a range of services including iftar meals, suhoor (pre-dawn meal), prayer areas, comfortable seating, traditional Ramadan decorations, entertainment such as live music or cultural performances, and sometimes even activities for children.

It depends on the specific tent and its policies. Some Ramadan tents may require reservations, especially those located in hotels or upscale venues, while others may operate on a first-come, first-served basis. It’s advisable to check with the organizers or the venue for reservation requirements.

Yes, Ramadan tents in Dubai are typically open to everyone, regardless of religion or nationality. They serve as inclusive spaces where people from diverse backgrounds can come together to observe the spirit of Ramadan and enjoy the sense of community.

Yes, many Ramadan tents in Dubai host special events and activities throughout the month, including charity initiatives, cultural performances, lectures, and educational workshops. These activities aim to enrich the Ramadan experience for attendees and foster a sense of unity within the community.

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