5 Popular types of car parking shades

Whether you’re looking for standard car parking shades or customized car parking shades, you have probably noticed that there is a lot of terminology surrounding car parking shade styles and their structures. Understanding this terminology can help you find the car parking shade you’re looking for, foresee common issues for your home patio and learn the benefits associated with certain home types.

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It is important to note that there are two main factors that classify a car parking shade: the structure and the style of shade. The structure refers to types of design, like a cantilever car parking shade or wall-mounted car parking shades.

We as one of the top car parking shade suppliers in UAE collected the most popular structures and styles of car parking shades so that you can narrow down your preference and better search for your ideal parking shade.

Types of car parking shades

When looking for a new shade, the first thing you should do to narrow your search is to figure out what type of shade structure you’re looking for. Below are the most typical car parking shades you’ll see when searching for a new parking shade.

1. Cantilever type

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A cantilever type of car parking shade is a regular design and often does not require any complicated fabrication process. An important feature is that you don’t have to spend much time encountering this kind of shade since it is a very common design that we can easily encounter in most of the parking areas across the UAE and Middle East region.

2. Pyramid type

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Pyramid car parking shade designs are extremely popular and considered a great style for both commercial and residential homeowners. For instance, some residential homeowners desire a unique concept and shape to add to their space, and a pyramid shape is a very attractive option for them.

However, for commercial owners installing a car parking shade is an add-on to their business especially when you are operating hypermarkets and shopping malls. The pyramid shape creates a lot of space and provides a great opportunity to advertise your products and services by displaying banner and etc.


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The umbrella car parking shade has a single post and the canopy area can easily provide shade for 2 cars. If the demand for shade is high we can easily customize and provide make it double sided which creates space for 4 cars on a single pole on either side. When you drive around the city you can find numerous structures installed in the cities, especially in the Middle East.

4. K Span type

K Span Car Parking Shade supplier

Introducing the K Span Car Parking Shade, crafted with premium materials and advanced technology for durability. Made from top-quality fabrics like PTFE and HDPE, known for their resistance to flame, heat, wind, UV rays, and tearing.

Our K Span Car Parking Shade offers maximum shade with minimal obstruction for both commercial and residential use. Built to last in the UAE weather, it protects your vehicle and enhances its longevity.

5. GRP type

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GRP parking shades are highly reliable and often preferred by government offices and industries for their exceptional strength against sunlight. This material is effective in both hot and rainy conditions. However, some people may avoid choosing GRP shades because they tend to be more expensive and heavier than standard options.

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