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Best aluminum pergola design in Dubai

Benefits of an Aluminium Pergola

A pergola lets you use your backyard or patio to the fullest as it looks like an extension of your interiors to the greenery of the outdoors. It is just what you need when you wish to have dinner with your loved one or hold a birthday party just under the sky.
Today, pergolas are manufactured using Aluminium and they have a great demand in the UAE market. In fact, because of high customer demand and its various merits, Aluminium has almost replaced wood and concrete in pergola manufacturing. Here are some of the advantages of the Aluminium pergola, which you may not be aware of:

Cheaper than wood

We all know how rare wood is so expensive. Pergolas used to be a luxury enhancement once because they were made using woods like oak, teak, etc. But, today, rarely can we find wood pergolas because it is almost taken over by Aluminium. Being abundant, Aluminium is easy to source and offers the same convenience and strength that wood offers. With regard to maintenance, keeping the natural sheen of the wood is a challenge with change in a season whereas, in the case of Aluminium, it saves the maintenance costs as well. It doesn’t splinter or change its shape, unlike wood during extreme weather.


Wood pergola, if not maintained properly can attract termites and pests with exposure to moisture in an outdoor setting. Over time, it can rot and collapse while Aluminium, being a metal, is not affected by pest infestation and stays the same for decades.
Easy to maintain
When you compare it with wood or any other material, Aluminium is stain-resistant and rust-free therefore you don’t have to worry about repainting in 3-4 years. Also, you don’t have to shell out 100s of dollars on expensive varnishes, just a bottle of paint can make it look new. Today, extruded aluminum designs are available with electrostatic coats, which totally eliminates the need for repainting.


Aluminum pergolas come in different designs, even with adjustable louvers. This offers ample shade from the sun and allows you to enjoy the climate even during the rainy season.
If you are looking for a durable pergola, then the Aluminium pergola in Dubai, UAE Akaa Tent is the best option you should go for.
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